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Chemical Free

Heavy chemicals like Glyphosate can damage the rest of your garden and are unsafe, especially if there are pets or young children playing in the garden. Our Steam Weed Killer technology uses absolutely ZERO chemicals and kills weeds.

Experienced Team

With decades of weeding and garden maintenance experience, our team are experts at removing weeds and transforming outdoors spaces - all with a smile! We put our customers first and bring our best to every job.

Steam Treatment

Our specialised steam treatment is the best solution for killing weeds, cleaning pavers and driveways and transforming your outdoor space. It uses a combination of heat and pressure to gently, but effectively kill any unwanted weeds and plant growth. Experience the Happy Garden difference!


The use of toxic, heavy chemicals to control weeds is unsafe and damaging to our planet! By choosing Happy Garden you can ensure that you’ll be getting the best weed control and garden maintenance - without the negative impact on the environment.

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Happy Garden was quick to reply and arrange a time. They went through the specifics with me and got stuck in.

George was also very patient at explaining weed killing and garden maintenance. If you’re like me and weren’t blessed with a green thumb I highly recommend Happy Garden for all your gardening needs.

Erin G


Recently I had George come down to our place and do some spraying of weeds. We had a large area at the front of our property that was covered in weeds, which we wanted to clear off.

We looked at spraying this area with the usual store bought chemical based sprays, but was a bit dubious about all the chemicals, and the amount we required. Instead, we got Happy Garden to steam the whole front yard and within 24 hours everything was either dead or dying. The result was remarkably fast and effective, and there was no effect of any of the surrounding plants.

Environmentally this type of weed spraying is very very safe, and we would recommend it to one and all. We are very satisfied customers.

Phil J


Couldn’t recommend Happy Garden enough! Our central city home needed some serious maintenance and weed control done and we just didn’t have the time to get round to it. The Happy Garden guys came round and did a terrific job. Our pavers look brand new and within a day all the weeds were dead. Dream result!

Jared R


Who We Are

We are committed to helping home-owners, landlords and property managers win the war on weeds and restore outdoors areas to a tidy, presentable, pristine state – all with a smile!

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